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Additional Services


We assist our customers with technical advice and guidance in a range of areas; 

  • Design Advice

  • Technical Support

  • Safety Product Selection 

  • Compliance with Applicable Legislation, Directives, Standards and Regulations 

How we can help you

Guarding complaince audits

Guarding Compliance Audit

Want to know if your guarding is compliant?

By assessing your guarding, the type fitted, the distances from the hazard and looking at the effectiveness of it, we refer back to the relative standards to report as to whether it is compliant or not. Where there is a failing we can advise on how to comply, ensuring the machine is safe and complies to EN ISO 14120 and EN ISO 13857.

Electrical Compliance Audit

As breakdowns occur, there is urgent need to get the machine back in to production. Wires get extended, components replaced, ducting lids removed, wires falling out from the ducting leading to untidy, potentially dangerous control panels and unsafe machines.

We will review the control panels against EN 60204-1 and give guidance on how to make improvements to ensure compliance is achieved.

This can also be done on new control panels being independently supplied.

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purchasing specifications

Creation of Purchasing Specifications

We are able to assist clients with putting together purchasing specifications when buying new and used machinery.

Referencing the relevant standards and directives and any other relevant documents, we can guide companies on things to question and check to ensure the machine is compliant at the purchasing stage. 

This not only helps with ensuring the machine is safe from the manufacturer, but also assists with meeting the PUWER requirements.