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Installing a cobot safely requires a detailed risk assessment.

Collaborative Robot


What does cobot mean?

Cobot comes from the term collaborative robot, sometimes referred to as human robot collaboration. It is a robot intended to work alongside humans in a shared workspace.

What is the difference between a robot and a collaborative robot?

In simple terms, collaborative robots are designed to work alongside human employees, while industrial robots do work in place of those employees. Collaborative robots are also more easily programmable than industrial robots because they are capable of “learning” on the job.

What are collaborative robots used for?

The collaborative robot market is huge and continually growing. A collaborative robot is designed to work with people, not replace them! Dirty, unsafe, boring, monotonous or repetitive tasks can be performed by the cobot so that employees can concentrate on other tasks.​

Common collaborative robot applications

  • Pick and Place

  • Machine Tending

  • Packaging and Palletising

  • Process Tasks

  • Finishing Tasks

  • Quality Inspection

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Oliver Selby

Robotics Business Development Manager

Cobots and Machinery Safety have been adopted within our business as the go to source for information around safety compliance within the relatively new field of collaborative robots. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Matt to ensure that we, as a company, remain up to date with the best practice techniques for cobot use within real world applications;  and more importantly the latest safety legislation relating to the new technology.


In detail, we have worked with Cobots and Machinery Safety to ensure our technical and sales employees are fully educated and can speak to clients confidently and with accuracy. So far, the engagement has led to further development within our own product range and the systems we employ to provide safe reliable systems to the market. We have on countless occasions recommended Cobots and Machinery Safety to our customer base, and will continue to do so.

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