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Machinery Risk Assessments

Certified Machinery Safety Expert ® 

The risk assessment process for machinery should follow the guidance found in the international safety standard EN ISO 12100 Safety of machinery - General principles for design - Risk assessment and risk reduction. 

Robotic Risk Assessments

Risk assessments on robotic machinery should follow the guidelines found in EN ISO 12100  covering General principles for design - Risk assessment and risk reduction and the relevant C standard for robotics EN ISO 10218-2

PUWER Assessments

PUWER is a legal requirement that requires all employers to ensure that the work equipment is safe to use regardless of whether the work equipment is new, existing or secondhand and is irrespective of its age.

CE Marking

Certified Expert in CE Marking ®


Currently, there are 21 EU Directives that call for the CE Marking process to be completed.


So which of these apply to machinery?

Safety Related Control Systems

Having a safety requirement specification (SRS) is part of the overall EN ISO 13849-1 process and is key to designing the safety functionality of the machine.

Additional Services

Light Curtain Testing

Guarding Compliance Audit

Electrical Compliance Audit

Creation of Purchasing Specifications