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PUWER Assessments & Inspections

PUWER is a legal requirement that requires all employers to ensure that the work equipment is safe to use regardless of whether the work equipment is new, existing or secondhand and is irrespective of its age.


Covid-19 Update

Due to the current advice from the Government, we are trying to limit unnecessary contact with our clients as much as possible. If a site visit is needed we will take all relevant safety precautions.  We are trying to do as much of our work remotely as possible.


We remain open for new and existing customers and remain flexible if circumstances change due to Covid-19 and the Governments guidelines. If you have any questions please send us an e-mail or give us a call.

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PUWER stands for the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulationsand is derived from the European Directive 2009/104/EC.

PUWER is a legal requirement that requires all employers to ensure that the work equipment is safe to use and is used safely.

PUWER requires that equipment provided for use at work is:

suitable for the intended use.

safe for use, maintained in a safe condition and inspected to ensure it is correctly installed and does not subsequently deteriorate.

used only by people who have received adequate information, instruction and training.

accompanied by suitable health and safety measures, such as protective devices and controls. These will normally include emergency stop devices, adequate means of isolation from sources of energy, clearly visible markings and warning devices.

used in accordance with specific requirements, for mobile work equipment and power presses.

Work equipment should be inspected;

  • Before it is put into service,

  • At regular intervals

  • After any modifications

  • If the equipment is relocated, ensuring that any failings can be corrected before it results in unacceptable risks.


Our consultant is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of PUWER, so contact us today and let us take care of all your safety requirements.