PUWER safety


Safety Training

Have you heard of PUWER?

Are you confused about how the regulations impact your business? 

Then this course is for you!

PUWER is the provision and use of work equipment regulations. It is the main piece of legislation which affects the use of work place machinery and equipment.


Let us take you through the requirements of PUWER to understand the regulations and how it affects your employees and your business.


PUWER is a legal requirement under UK law and your business has a legal obligation to follow. 

PUWER safety training
PUWER regulation training

Through the training we look at the regulations themselves and discuss their scope and how they apply.


Covers all regulations 1-24, some of the key regulations we look into in more detail are listed below.

  • Maintenance

  • Training

  • Instructions

  • Dangerous parts of equipment and machinery

  • Emergency stops

  • Control systems

  • Isolation

Covers regulation 25-30 for mobile work equipment, but not power presses.

Using the European standards, this can help to make some justification as to whether the equipment is compliant or not.

We don't have minimum numbers on our training. We can train on a one to one basis or larger groups.