Force and Pressure Testing

Consideration should be given to the risks that may occur during the cobots cycle, its tooling, its movements and the human interaction.


The amount of force and pressure that can be exerted in a collision could result in injury. Different parts of the body can receive different forces and pressures

If you are unsure as to whether your cobot application is safe, get in touch with our experienced team, and put your mind at ease! 

Validating a cobot application

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Safety Tailored To Your Needs

We provide our clients with safety consultants who are knowledgeable and experienced in cobot safety testing and work closely with you to understand your companies requirements and offer guidance and support on how to meet them.


Our collaborative robot force and pressure testing forms part of our cobot risk assessment service.


Alternatively it can be booked on its own.


Testing a collaborative robot

Testing the force and pressure of a cobot

During the commissioning stage, it is important to validate the forces and pressures that can be exerted by the cobot movements.


Annex A of ISO/TS 15066 lists the permissible force and pressure values that can be exerted onto the body.

Where the values are above the permissible limits, measures must be put in place to reduce the values to the acceptable level. This is to ensure that in the unlikely event of a collision with the cobot, the operator is unharmed.


As the cobot application is completed, the risk assessment should be closed out, ensuring that all hazards have been adequately reduced.

As the cobot is subject to mechanical wear, testing should be repeated on a periodic basis to ensure that nothing has changed or deteriorated.

UKCA Marking of the cobot application

A cobot is supplied with a Declaration of Incorporation (DOI) from the manufacturer, as it is considered a partly completed piece of machinery.

This means the system integrator or end user is legally responsible for the overall UKCA / CE marking process including building the technical file and issuing a Declaration of Conformity (DOC) for the cobot application.