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Electrical Compliance Audit

Maintaining electrical compliance is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees and customers. Not only does it protect individuals from potential hazards, but it also helps to avoid costly fines and legal issues.​With so many regulations and standards to follow, it can be overwhelming to ensure that your business is up to date.  From regular inspections to proper training and documentation, these steps will help you keep your business safe and in compliance with electrical regulations.

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As breakdowns occur, there is often an urgent need to get the machine back in to production. Wires get extended, components replaced, ducting lids removed, wires falling out from the ducting with all this leading to untidy, potentially dangerous control panels and unsafe machines.

Our Electrical Compliance Audit is designed to ensure that all your machinery is compliant with the BS EN 60204-1 standard.


We inspect all control panels, wiring, and other electrical components to make sure everything is up to the required safety standards. We also provide recommendations and advice on how to keep your machinery safe and compliant.

Take The First Step To A Safer Workplace 

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