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Robot Risk Assessments

Safety in robotic systems extends beyond the robots themselves.  Companies and system integrators must assess risk not just for robots, but for the entire robot system.​A robot risk assessment is an important part of machinery safety that evaluates the potential risks a robot may pose. This assessment considers factors such as the robot's speed, size, and strength, as well as the specific tasks it is being used for and the environment in which it is operating. The assessment also considers the likelihood and severity of the risk, as well as the protective measures that are in place to mitigate the risk. Ultimately, the goal of a robot risk assessment is to ensure that the robot and the application is safe for use.

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Assessing your robot

As a leading safety consultancy, we understand the importance of conducting robot risk assessments. Our team of experienced professionals will inspect your robot and machinery and identify any risks or hazards.


Report Creation

Our Robot Risk Assessment Report follows the BS EN ISO 10218-2 and BS EN ISO 12100 standards and is designed to identify and eliminate potential hazards on your robot system. With our extensive experience and expertise, you can trust us to produce a report that is both accurate and thorough.


Ongoing Support

Long-term partnerships are at the heart of our safety consultancy's ongoing support. Our team of experts provide practical advice and customised solutions to help you establish and maintain a safe workplace. With our focus on building long-term relationships, you can be confident that we'll be there for you every step of the way.

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