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Safety Light Curtain Testing

Safety light curtain testing is a critical part of machinery safety. Our safety light curtain testing services ensure that the machine's stop performance is up to standard, keeping workers safe and preventing any potential accidents.​According to the guidance given by the HSE, it is recommended that type 2 safety light curtains are tested every 12 months and type 4 safety light curtains are tested every 6 months, but this will depend on the equipment they are fitted to. Full details can be found in HSG180.

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Two Hand

Control Stations

Safety Radar


Stopping Time of a Machine

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Testing the light curtains

Using state of the art stop time measuring equipment to test the stopping time of the machine and calculate whether the safety light barriers are appropriately placed according to BS EN ISO 13855.


Report Creation

Our safety light curtain testing report highlights any non compliances to BS EN ISO 13855. With our extensive experience and expertise, you can trust us to produce a report that is both accurate and thorough.


Ongoing Support

Long-term partnerships are at the heart of our safety consultancy's ongoing support. Our team of experts provide practical advice and customised solutions to help you establish and maintain a safe workplace. With our focus on building long-term relationships, you can be confident that we'll be there for you every step of the way.

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