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GTE CoboSafe
Measuring System

Cobot validation equipment - GTE CoboSafe

CoboSafe is an easy-to-use instrument for verifying compliance with required limit values by combined force-pressure measurements and their evaluation.

There are nine spring constants available, as per ISO/TS 15066. For each of the spring constants there is a force transducer available. The force gauge is equipped with integrated electronics for the evaluation and storage of the values measured and guarantees optimum measuring accuracy and reproducibility.


The transient and quasi-static values are represented via the display. Data is transferred wireless, or alternatively by USB interface. In this way, the force transducers are very easy to position and the data is immediately visible on the PC or another external display screen. The storage capacity is up to 100 single measurements


Cobosafe scan - Pressure Measurements

The CoboSafe-Scan is based on Fujifilm Prescale measurement films. It records the pressure distribution and the maximum pressure.

The films react to the pressure and display the pressure distribution. The pressure force is determined by the intensity of the discoloration of the pressure measuring films. Using a scanner and a calibration-sheet, the pressure image is imported into the Software CoboSafe-Vision and evaluated automatically. The imported pressure film is converted into pressure values and the pressure image and maximum pressure are displayed as a result.


The set includes a scanner, a calibration-sheet and films.

CoboSafe-Vision Software

The CoboSafe-Vision software visualises the measured force curves and pressure images. It calculates and determines the values for the transient and quasi-static forces, and for the maximum pressure value.
An assessment of the pressure image is possible by means of the two and three-dimensional representation, as well as by using the filters.

Cobosafe Software.png
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