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As collaborative robots are introduced into industry working along side humans and sharing the same space, there is a need to understand the safety implications, as traditional guarding is no longer needed.

We guide you through the process, from the very beginning through to a completed UKCA / CE marked safe application.


We guide you through the process of integrating a collaborative robot, from the very beginning through to a completed UKCA / CE marked safe application.


By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Understand the collaborative robot safety standards ISO TS 15066 and BS EN ISO 10218-2

  • Learn the importance of a risk assessment

  • Understand the validation process

  • Be familiar with the force and pressure testing requirements

  • Learn about the various risk control measures that can be implemented

  • Be able to safely implement a cobot into their workplace


Our one day collaborative robot safety training course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to collaborative robot terminology and myths

  • Specification and application design

  • Risk assessments

  • Collaborative robot safety standards ​​

  • The requirements for validation and verification

  • Risk reduction measures

  • Information about collision measurements

    • Contact scenarios and collision points for the force and pressure testing

    • Collision measurement in accordance with ISO TS 15066

  • The UKCA / CE marking process

Full course material is provided along with a certificate on completion.


This course is designed for delegates who are looking to install collaborative robots, and want to do so safely.

  • System Integrators​

  • Health and Safety Personnel

  • Project Managers

  • Engineering Personnel

  • Production Managers​


One Day




Thank you for your training enquiry.


"Matt was extremely knowledgeable on this subject with lots of experience. The training was delivered in a way that everyone understood and by the end of the day, all attendees understood the safety and regulatory requirements regarding the use of cobots”

Steve Mitchell
ESH Manager

“Thank you Matt, for delivering a very thorough training course. Your expert knowledge in this field provided me with the clarity and confidence  to compliantly risk assess Cobot applications”


“Enjoyed the Cobot Safety Training and managed to get all the information we needed to move forward with our cobot safely. Matt was happy to have a look at our current application and give feedback on them, so that was a good bonus to the course content!

Jamie Hooper
Rutland Plastics

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