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Safety Related Control System

Validation and Verification
BS EN ISO 13849-1


Safety Requirement Specification Creation

Having a safety requirement specification (SRS) is part of the overall BS EN ISO 13849-1 process and is key to designing the safety functionality of the machine.

We can assist with the creation of the SRS to aid both mechanical and electrical designers, machine builders, system integrators and even those end users who embark on the upgrade path on achieving the required safety functionality of the machines operation.

To support the creation of the SRS, we can also assist in the verification and validation processes. 

Support With Electrical Design Of Safety Related Control Circuits

Having come from an electrical engineering background, we are able assist clients with designing electrical safety control circuits, both for new equipment and upgrading existing machinery.

Already drawn the safety control circuit? 

We can review the electrical drawings before any parts are purchased, the machine has gone into manufacture or upgrades have taken place, potentially avoiding expensive mistakes.

Safety Validation

Have you considered the validation and testing of the safety related control circuit?

We can assist with that too. We can help to put together the required documents and perform the necessary tests to ensure the safety related control system works the way it was designed. This is based on the clients design intent within their safety requirement specification

  Your Trusted Partner In Machinery Safety.

Safety Calculations

To ensure that the components used within the safety control system are sufficient for their reliability, safety calculations must be completed. These calculations begin with a target performance level defined from the risk assessment for the safety control system.

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