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Cobots and Machinery Safety Ltd

Corby, Northamptonshire

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At the forefront of cobot and machinery safety

Our primary focus is to assist our customers  to  ensure  that their machinery is compliant to all relevant standards, directives and legislation.

A specialist field of ours is collaborative robots and cobot safety. Cobots are typically safe until you add on the tooling or grippers. This changes the level of risk to the human.

Like any workplace machinery, cobots require the same safety assessments. If implemented to work alongside humans, additional safety testing is required.

As an independent company we have no ties to specific manufacturers, allowing us to remain impartial when carrying out our safety assessments. We offer our services within the UK and on an international basis.

We work alongside integrators, end users, manufacturers and safety specialists to ensure your cobots and machinery remain safe and compliant!

We are passionate about offering a professional, friendly and affordable service. Contact us today to discuss your requirements:

Cobot Safety

How do you make a cobot safe?

There is no such thing as a safe cobot, but we create a safe cobot solution!

Using a collaborative robot or a cobot can come with some safety concerns. The type of tooling, the gripper or the work-piece that is handled, can cause injury to those working alongside them. 


The amount of force and pressure that can be exerted in a collision could result in injury. Different parts of the body can receive different forces and pressures and it is the scope of the risk assessment to define these points. 


Using the latest state of the art measuring equipment, 

Cobots and Machinery Safety Ltd can validate the cobot application ensuring  that the forces and pressures are compliant with the requirements ISO TS 15066.

video of cobot force and pressure testing

Machinery Safety

With over 18 years industry experience you can be assured your safety is in safe hands.

Offering services in the following areas:

  • Risk assessments

  • Robotic risk assessments

  • PUWER assessments

  • Safety calculations

  • CE Marking

  • Safety requirement specification creation

  • Safety audits