Helping you achieve   compliance

An independent company with over 20 years industry experience, we know a thing or two when it comes to machinery safety.


Our number 1 priority is to help and support our clients, whether large or small, in achieving compliance with their machinery.

We pride ourselves on being independent, allowing us to remain impartial when carrying out your safety assessments and only recommending products and solutions that we know are best suited to your needs.

Certified Machinery Safety Expert® 


Certified Expert in CE Marking®

Experienced in both mechanical and electrical 

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Safety Training
  • Understanding PUWER

  • 3 Day Machinery Safety

  • Understanding EN ISO 60204-1

  • Understanding cobot safety and ISO TS 15066 and EN ISO 10218-2

  • Robot and Machinery Safety


  • Machinery Risk Assessments

  • Robotic Risk Assessments

  • UKCA / CE Marking

  • Light Curtain Testing

  • Guarding Compliance Audit

  • Electrical Compliance Audit

  • Safety Related Control Systems

  • Collaborative Robot Risk Assessments

  • Force and Pressure Testing

  • UKCA / CE Marking

  • Safety training - Understanding cobot safety and ISO TS 15066 and EN ISO 10218-2

  • CoboSafe Measuring Equipment

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