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As an independent company, with over 20 years industry experience, we know a thing or two when it comes to machinery safety. 


Our number 1 priority is keeping companies and their employees safe. We achieve this by gaining compliance to the relevant standards, legislation and directives. 

We pride ourselves on being an independent company, allowing us to remain impartial when carrying out your safety assessments. By not being tied to any manufacturer, we only recommend products and solutions that we know are best suited to your companies needs.

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Machinery / Robotic

Risk Assessments

With an in-depth risk assessment from CMS, we ensure you remain safe and compliant allowing your business to develop and grow safely.


CE Marking /

CE Audits

CMS support you at every stage of your CE/UKCA marking process.

Buying a used machine? Arrange a CE audit to check it is compliant.

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CMS will ensure you remain compliant to all the PUWER regulations whether you are installing new machinery or simply updating your PUWER assessments.

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Collaborative Robot


CMS ensures your employees are not at risk when working alongside your collaborative robot. Ensuring compliance is met with

ISO/TS 15066 and ISO 10218-2.

Common Questions

Why should I get my machinery risk assessed?

  To identify and document the hazards with the aim of eliminating or reducing the risks to a sufficient level. 

How does PUWER apply to me?

If you have any machinery that employees operate or maintain, then legally you must have PUWER inspections.

Does the UKCA apply to me?

From January 2021, any new machinery will need to conform to the UKCA marking requirements. 

Why safety test a cobot? 

Adding tooling or grippers instantly changes the safety. Safety tests are performed to ensure that if a collision occurs, people are not hurt.

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Oliver Selby

Robotics Business Development Manager

Cobots and Machinery Safety have been adopted within our business as the go to source for information around safety compliance within the relatively new field of collaborative robots. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Matt to ensure that we, as a company, remain up to date with the best practice techniques for cobot use.


Vaibhav Boricha

Director at VIKASO® | Robotics 4.0

Making robot applications ‘collaborative’ is one of Vikaso's prime objectives.


Matt’s expertise and testing kit is a value-adding combination that helps us achieve this objective. His pro-active approach helps address critical issues early in the design phase

Ben Clegg

Service Manager - Whitham Mills 

Matt comes highly recommended from Whitham Mills Engineering.


We have recently worked together on various projects and his H&S knowledge is superb!

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